Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Repair Bill Just Keeps Getting Worse

First I would like to thank the 14 Democratic Senators for doing what needed to be done to slow this bill down.You have done what I have been waiting for democrats to do for a long time - play hardball. I applaud you.

Every day new, horrible things are being brought to light about this bill. Right now people are concentrating on the union busting portion of the bill, but there is another power being stripped from the people -- their public utilities. Having public utilities keeps people's energy costs down and prevents private monopolies from coming in and holding the citizens hostage.

Walker has, through this bill, given himself the power to sell all state owed power plants to whoever he chooses and for whatever price he chooses. He is basically stealing the power plants from the people. No one but Walker will have a say in what happens to these plants if this repair bill is passed.

Right here in River Falls we have one of these power plants - on the UW- River Falls campus. This power plant helps keep the cost of running UW-River Falls low. That power plant will be sold - and not even necessarily to the highest bidder as the condition of the sales will be no-bid.

How can Walker argue that he's selling the plants to raise money for Wisconsin when he won't even sell them to the highest bidder? The fact is that he already knows exactly who he will give them to. There is great speculation that it is to be the Koch brothers. They already own several energy industries in Wisconsin and this would give them the holy grail of energy. Walker is set on selling off Wisconsin to those who paid to get him into office.

This is completely ridiculous and unacceptable. He has put so many terrible things into this bill that it is difficult to fight them all without diluting the message. But people need to know about this, so please be sure to pass this along.

There was a great piece on this at Daily Kos: The Koch Brothers' End Game in Wisconsin. Go there, read it, and pass it around!

Please, everyone, take a moment to thank our Senators who made a really tough but necessary choice:
Tim Carpenter
Spencer Coggs
P: 608-266-2500
P: 877-474-2000
F: 608-282-3546
Robert Wirch
P: 608-267-8979
P: 888-769-4724
F: 608-267-0984
Robert Jauch
P: 608-266-3510
P: 800-469-6562
F: 608-266-3580
Mark Miller
P: 608-266-9170
P: 877-862-4825
F: 608-282-3556
Lena Taylor
P: 608-266-5810
F: 608-267-2353
Kathleen Vinehout
P: 608-266-8546
P: 877-763-6636
F: 608-267-2871
Julie Lassa
P: 608-266-3123
F: 608-267-6797
John Erpenbach
P: 608-226-6670
P: 888-549-0027
F: 608-266-2508
Jim Holperin
P: 608-266-2509
F: 608-267-0309
Fred Risser
P: 608-266-1627
F: 608-266-1629
Dave Hansen
P: 608-266-5670
P: 866-221-9395
F: 608-267-6791
Tim Cullen
P: 608-266-2253
P: 800-334-1468
F: 608-267-5171
Chris Larson
P: 608-266-7505
F: 608-266-7483

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