Friday, April 1, 2011

Madison Jam-Packed This Weekend!

This being the last weekend before the Very Important Election, and the weekend of the anniversary of the slaying of Martin Luther King, Jr. during his participation in the sanitation worker strike 04/04/1968, there is a three day, jam-packed weekend at the Capitol!


Protest run! 14 laps around the capitol square (8 miles total). Starts at 10am on the State Street corner.

Zombie Walk! Meetup at Urban Outfitters on State Street at 1pm.

Night vigil! 7pm-8pm at State Street entrance.


Forward Wisconsin Festival! Barrymore Theatre starting at 1pm. $5 donation suggested. The Kissers!!


Statewide Day of Action and GOTV Rally!
4:00pm - Poor People's Campaign March around the Capitol & City Hall
5:00pm - 8:00pm Musical performances and speeches. Rev. Jesse Jackson & Michael Franti.
8:00 - Candlelight vigil.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Tell M&I To Support You!


Come out Friday at 4PM, bring yourself (and a sign) for a civil demonstration in front of M&I Bank. Help spread the word. Meet at the corner of Hanley Road and Monetary Blvd. just off Carmichael Road in Hudson. 

M&I executives are receiving millions of dollars in golden parachutes with the sale of M&I Bank to the Bank of Montreal--a move that takes jobs out of Wisconsin and hurts working families. Read more on the AFl-CIO Blog - Wisconsinites Ask M&I Bank for Shared Sacrifice and M&I Actions Pick up Steam Across Wisconsin.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Walker at Minnesota Wire Rally

I did make it to the rally to meet Walker in Eau Claire. There were about 150 protesters there. No supporters were rallying. I didn't bring my camera, so I have no pictures - sorry.

A school field trip was scheduled at the same time that Walker was to be there. The bus driver and teacher chaperones didn't look too happy about that situation, but they gave us a thumbs-up. The kids didn't look too thrilled either -- but it was Minnesota Wire.

We joked about Walker calling in the kids so he could use them as human shields, but Walker sneaked out the back like he always does. But Walker is a lost cause, we got the most important thing - MEDIA COVERAGE!

[I'm in those pictures, or at least my sign is: Shared Sacrifices ~ Public Workers - PAY CUTS | Poor & Elderly - CARE CUTS | Corporations & Wealthy - TAX CUTS]

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Recall Sheila Action

Bulletin from the cause: Recall Sheila Harsdorf

Posted By: Michael Kahlow
To: Members in Recall Sheila Harsdorf
FORUM - Potential Effects of Gov. Walker's Proposed Budget

FORUM - Potential Effects of Gov. Walker's Proposed Budget
Tuesday, March 22 - New Richmond
6 pm - WITC Campus

A non-partisan conversation to see what changes we could expect from the proposed budget. This is NOT about collective bargaining.
Panelists include:
Morrie Vielliex, NR School Superintendent,
Fred Johnson, St Croix Health and Human Services, and
Dennis Horner, City of NR Admin
Call to Action

Monday, March 21, 2011

Daily Show Goes To Madison

Recycle Scott Walker

Mon., March 21st
Behind Curtain #1 – Georgia Pacific
Mon is recycling day in Maple Bluff, and in light of Gov. Walker’s proposal to eliminate state recycling requirements and state taxpayer support for local recycling programs, citizens are taking advantage of their last chance to dispose of paper, plastic, glass, and metal in a responsible manner with a drop off at the governor’s mansion (99 Cambridge Rd. in Maple Bluff) beginning at 7:00 am. Not surprisingly, one of Gov. Walker’s major corporate donors, the Koch Brothers, spent $21 billion to acquire Georgia Pacific, the nation’s largest paper company, a massive peddler of throwaway products, and global climate change denier. Volunteers will also be on hand at the mansion to provide citizens a list of Georgia Pacific products to avoid at the store.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sheila Says Recall Is An Outside Job

Hudson Star Observer got to talk to Sheila Harsdorf. There were many things I found interesting about this interview.

First she says that people were protesting at her house, but " the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department handled the situation." So we're not constituents with questions and problems with the things that she is doing, we're a "situation"?

Second she claims that all of this recall and protesting is from "outside influences". No one from the "outside" has influenced me to take a stand against this travesty to our democracy. And I have met hundreds of other hard-working Wisconsinites who also are out their fighting this because they themselves believe it is time to finally fight back. Perhaps Shelia meant that the outside influences that are enticing Walker are the cause of all this.

Third, she has time for a bunch of people in a hotel that she's staying in, but won't even speak to her own constituents? I don't believe that she would have gone out her way to speak to these people, so why should I believe that this story is even true? She is creating the fiction to drive her own agenda.

Recall Sheila! We Are Winning!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Way To Go, Missouri!!

Missouri was trying to get right to work (for less) legislation through, but FAILED! Rallies there were successful in stopping support for the bill. I feel that our rallies have helped energize other states, so even though we were not able to stop our bill (yet), we can take victory in helping others to stop theirs.

Keep fighting!

Walker in Hudson Today!

I just got a call saying that Scott Walker will be in Hudson today at 1:30pm at Empire Bucket 1360 Livingstone Rd just south of Fleet Farm. If you can be there, get there! He eventually has to hear the Wisconsin people!

Monday, March 14, 2011

"The largest party in the United States is the 50 percent who don't vote."
                                                                            ~Susan Sarandon

Friday, March 11, 2011

Wisconsin Uprising from

Harsdorf Recall Canvassing

Weekend activities

GET SIGNATURES. See for events. There's canvassing in River Falls, Menomonie, Hudson, Siren, Centuria, Balsam Lake, and Milltown this weekend. Volunteer! People can drop in and sign in RF, Amery, New Richmond, and Baldwin today, three of them are drive-in.

Recruit your friends. And not just your online friends. Make sure they've signed. Get them involved!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Protest Tomorrow!

Due to the recent passing of the split bill, there will be a rally in front of city hall at 9am Thursday.

Be there and bring a sign!

Ellsworth Rally

URGENT: Come Support WI Workers TODAY at Ellsworth Pro-Walker Rally

URGENT: Come Support WI Workers TODAY at Ellsworth Pro-Walker Rally

There is going to be a pro-Walker rally in Ellsworth this afternoon on the lawn of the Pierce County Courthouse at 4 pm

We are encouraging everyone who is available this afternoon to head down and show a significant pro-worker presence.

The courthouse is located at 414 W. Main St. in Ellsworth. We will have signs for those who need them.

Recall Sheila Harsdorf

Today's events - Wednesday, March 9

Things are really picking up. See the site for listings of signature-gathering events. What we have today:
River Falls - University Center - 8 - 3, 5 - 8 pm upper level
Amery - Ask for Steve @ the Indigo Iris (ongoing)
Luck - Ironworkers District office, see for details
Baldwin - 4-5 pm, Baldwin library
New Richmond - 7 am - 5 pm by the library, look for the signs
Menomonie starts tomorrow

Tell Me What Class Warfare Looks Like

This is what class warfare looks like:

Pictures of Protesters Sleeping Outside Capitol

HERE is a blog post on The Democratic Underground about the protesters that began sleeping outside the capitol once they were tricked to leave by the police - with lots of pictures!

HERE is a video from The Uptake of those people sleeping outside the capitol.

From what I have been reading, the police are now trying to keep them from sleeping outside the capitol; and they are requiring that protesters have a permit.

This, of course, is all an attempt to take the steam out of this movement, so we all need to keep up the pressure.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Join the Farmer Labor Tractorcade

Saturday, March 12 · 12:00pm - 2:00pm

The Capitol, Madison WI

More Info
Next week, farmers from across the dairyland will bring tractors and solidarity to the WI capitol to fight for labor rights and a just state budget. Rural communities will be disproportionately hurt by the cuts to education and badgercare, and farmers in Wisconsin stand with state workers, and all working and middle class families in the state. The event is sponsored by Family Farm Defenders, Wisconsin Farmers Union and Land Stewardship project. All farmers and eaters welcome and encouraged to come!
If you have a tractor and would like to join in the tractorcade please contact John Peck at Family Farm Defenders - (608) 260-0900;

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hudson Walker Welcome Wagon

I actually did make it to the Saturday rally in Hudson! And although I would have rather have been able to go to Madison instead (Michael Moore made an appearance today at the Capitol!), I still feel that it was really important to have people at the Walkermobile stops to show them how many of their friends and neighbors disagree with the bills.

And there were plenty of friends and neighbors that disagreed with the bills! There was an estimate given of about 500 protesters against the bill. And all while I was there, at least every third car honked in support of us. There were even truckers and cars on the highway honking for us. It was fantastic!

The Walker supporters trickled out of the Hudson House, so it was a bit more difficult to get an estimate on them, but there were at least 50 that I saw and probably a bit more, but not much more.

Everything was very civil. The only problem I saw was that there were so many protesters that they were inadvertently crowding the sidewalk making it difficult, if not impossible for people to get through. I would recommend that in the future the sidewalks be kept clear as some people felt the need to go out into the road to get around.

I was touched that as they were trying to get up the snow bank to get out of the road, a protester put his sign down and offered a hand to them. And after a slight hesitation, the supporter took the offer of help. It was beautiful seeing the setting aside of differences in order to get something done together. To see them come together as people instead of staying separate as sides. It really gives me hope.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hudson Rally Saturday


Let's Give the "Stand w/Walker" Bus Tour

A Warm UNION Welcome

Saturday, March 5 at 12:45PM - 2:30PM
Near 1714 Crest View Drive, Hudson

For more information call 917-224-8857.
Dress Warm, Bring Signs and Spread the Word!

Recalls Have Started

La Crosse Tribune reported today:

The Government Accountability Board has so far registered recall efforts against 12 senators, including some of the 14 Democrats who left the state two weeks ago in an effort to stall Walker's controversial bill.

Democrats targeted are: Spencer Coggs, Dave Hansen, Jim Holperin, Robert Wirch, and Minority Leader Mark Miller. The Republicans are Kapanke, Robert Cowles, Alberta Darling, Glenn Grothman, Randy Hopper, Mary Lazich and Luther Olsen.
After filing paperwork, recall organizers have 60 days to collect signatures. The number required is one quarter of the votes cast in the district in the last gubernatorial election - a number that ranges in these cases from 11,000 to 21,000.
Although not on this list, Sheila Harsdorf's recall was registered today. I, for one, will be signing that petition! Contact your Democratic office to get on the petition!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Protesters Sleeping Outside Madison Capitol

Protesters ushered, or tricked, out of the capitol Sunday, February 27th and early Monday, February 28th have resolved to sleeping on the ground outside the capitol. Monday night about 50 protesters who had tried to get back into the building during the day, refused to go away and instead rolled out their sleeping bags and slept on the ground in solidarity with those still holding the Rotunda inside. It was said to be 14 degrees Fahrenheit Monday night and police were not allowing tents to be pitched, so these protesters were really braving the elements.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bus Route Around Capitol

Bus Schedule for Protests to Protect Worker Rights

All Buses are first come first serve
Please check with your TBA staff for local events

Updated as of 2/24 at 14:00 on AFSCME website

Madison Bus SHUTTLE Thursday, 2/24 – Friday, 2/25
Spot Time: 8:30 am
Stop Time: 7:30 pm
Pick up Location:
1) Westside 2 buses: AFSCME and Alliant Energy Center to Butler and E Washington, Madison (2 blocks from the square) bus runs every 30 minutes all day

2) Eastside 4 buses: East Towne Mall (In Lot By Dick’s Sporting Goods ) to Butler and E Washington, Madison (2 blocks from the square) bus runs every 20 minutes all day

Saturday, February 26th
Madison Bus SHUTTLE
Spot Time: 8:30 am
Stop Time: 7:30 pm
Pick up Location:
1) Westside 2 buses: AFSCME to Butler and E Washington, Madison (2 blocks from the square) bus runs every 30 minutes all day

2) Eastside 4 buses: East Towne Mall (In Lot By Dick’s Sporting Goods ) to Butler and E Washington, Madison (2 blocks from the square) bus runs every 20 minutes all day

All busses will DEPART from Madison for home at 5pm
De Pere /Appleton 1 bus
11:15 am Park & Ride – De Pere @ SU 41 and County G
11:35 am Park & Ride – Appleton @ US 41 and CR E/Ballard Rd
Butler and E Washington, Madison (2 blocks from the square)
Leave Madison 5:00 pm

Superior 0 bus
WILL know by 10am on Friday 2-25-11
7:45am Wessman Arena @ 2701 Catlin Av - Superior, WI 54880-5132
Butler and E Washington, Madison (2 blocks from the square)
Leave 5:00 pm Madison

Wausau Bus 1 bus
LOAD 11:15am Labor Temple @ 318 S 3rd Av - Wausau, WI 54401-4638
Butler and E Washington, Madison (2 blocks from the square)
RETURN 5:00 pm Madison

Stevens Point 1 bus
LOAD 11:30am UW-Stevens Point @ 1015 Reserve - Stevens Point, WI 54481-3866
Butler and E Washington, Madison (2 blocks from the square)
RETURN 5:00 pm Madison

Eau Claire Bus 2 buses
LOAD 10:30amLabor Temple Lounge @ 2233 Birch St - Eau Claire WI 54703-3481
Butler and E Washington, Madison (2 blocks from the square)
RETURN 5:00 pm Madison

LaCrosse Bus 1 bus
LOAD 11:30am Valley View Mall @3800 SR 16 -La Crosse, WI 54601-1826 (Between Sears & Theatre)
PU-2 Kwik Trip in Tomah
Butler and E Washington, Madison (2 blocks from the square)
RETURN 5:00 pm Madison

Manitowoc Bus 1 bus
LOAD 11:00 Park and Ride I43 and US 151
Butler and E Washington, Madison (2 blocks from the square)
RETURN 5:00 pm Madison

Oshkosh Bus 1 bus
LOAD 12:00 pm Park & Ride @ US 41 & WI-44/91- Oshkosh
Butler and E Washington, Madison (2 blocks from the square)
RETURN 5:00 pm Madison

BUS#1&2 - Milwaukee, WI
LOAD 11:45am AFSCME Counil 48 @3427 W St Paul Av -Milw, WI 53208-4124 PU-2 12:15pm Pettit National Ice Arena @ 500 S 84th - Milw, WI 53214-1400
Butler and E Washington, Madison (2 blocks from the square)
RETURN 5:00 pm Madison

BUS#3 - Milwaukee, WI
LOAD 11:45am UW-Milwaukee @ 2200 E Kenwood Blvd - Milw, WI 53211-3361 PU-2 12:20pm Park & Ride @ I-94 & Barker Rd - Waukesha, WI 53186 (WI DOT Lot 67-35) ... aka Goerke's Corner
Butler and E Washington, Madison (2 blocks from the square)
RETURN 5:00 pm Madison

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Union Strong!

Indiana Deputy Attorney General Fired Over Tweets

Indiana Deputy Attorney General Fired Over Tweets
By and wire service reports

Tweeting that police should, quote, "use live ammunition" against protesters in Wisconsin has cost a deputy attorney general his job in Indiana.

Jeff Cox was fired by Attorney General Greg Zoeller after a staff member at the political news website Mother Jones communicated with Cox about the protests.

Cox called the demonstrators in Wisconsin "thugs" and "political enemies," adding quote, "you're darned right I advocate deadly force."

Zoeller's office released a statement saying quote, "We respect individual's First Amendment right to express their personal views on private online forums, but as public servants we are held by the public to a higher standard, and we should strive for civility."

Milwaukee Police Deployed to Capitol

As reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 02/23/2011


Milwaukee police deployed to Capitol

A "Major Incident Response Team" from the Milwaukee Police Department will be sent to Madison to help maintain order at the Capitol, the department announced Wednesday.
The 37-member unit will be deployed in response to a mutual aid request from the state Department of Administration, according to a police department news release.
The Capitol has been the scene of massive demonstrations by opponents of Gov. Scott Walker's budget-repair bill.
"Our officers will assist in ensuring that the rights of all parties in this debate are respected and protected," said Milwaukee Police Chief Edward A. Flynn.

Feel Like You Were There: WI Firefighters March in Solidarity 02/20/2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boycott Koch

Here are some of their products:

If you use these products, seriously think about finding a different brand. You know, I looked through this lists and there is hardly anything on this list that I currently buy, so I'm ahead of the game!

The Repair Bill Just Keeps Getting Worse

First I would like to thank the 14 Democratic Senators for doing what needed to be done to slow this bill down.You have done what I have been waiting for democrats to do for a long time - play hardball. I applaud you.

Every day new, horrible things are being brought to light about this bill. Right now people are concentrating on the union busting portion of the bill, but there is another power being stripped from the people -- their public utilities. Having public utilities keeps people's energy costs down and prevents private monopolies from coming in and holding the citizens hostage.

Walker has, through this bill, given himself the power to sell all state owed power plants to whoever he chooses and for whatever price he chooses. He is basically stealing the power plants from the people. No one but Walker will have a say in what happens to these plants if this repair bill is passed.

Right here in River Falls we have one of these power plants - on the UW- River Falls campus. This power plant helps keep the cost of running UW-River Falls low. That power plant will be sold - and not even necessarily to the highest bidder as the condition of the sales will be no-bid.

How can Walker argue that he's selling the plants to raise money for Wisconsin when he won't even sell them to the highest bidder? The fact is that he already knows exactly who he will give them to. There is great speculation that it is to be the Koch brothers. They already own several energy industries in Wisconsin and this would give them the holy grail of energy. Walker is set on selling off Wisconsin to those who paid to get him into office.

This is completely ridiculous and unacceptable. He has put so many terrible things into this bill that it is difficult to fight them all without diluting the message. But people need to know about this, so please be sure to pass this along.

There was a great piece on this at Daily Kos: The Koch Brothers' End Game in Wisconsin. Go there, read it, and pass it around!

Please, everyone, take a moment to thank our Senators who made a really tough but necessary choice:
Tim Carpenter
Spencer Coggs
P: 608-266-2500
P: 877-474-2000
F: 608-282-3546
Robert Wirch
P: 608-267-8979
P: 888-769-4724
F: 608-267-0984
Robert Jauch
P: 608-266-3510
P: 800-469-6562
F: 608-266-3580
Mark Miller
P: 608-266-9170
P: 877-862-4825
F: 608-282-3556
Lena Taylor
P: 608-266-5810
F: 608-267-2353
Kathleen Vinehout
P: 608-266-8546
P: 877-763-6636
F: 608-267-2871
Julie Lassa
P: 608-266-3123
F: 608-267-6797
John Erpenbach
P: 608-226-6670
P: 888-549-0027
F: 608-266-2508
Jim Holperin
P: 608-266-2509
F: 608-267-0309
Fred Risser
P: 608-266-1627
F: 608-266-1629
Dave Hansen
P: 608-266-5670
P: 866-221-9395
F: 608-267-6791
Tim Cullen
P: 608-266-2253
P: 800-334-1468
F: 608-267-5171
Chris Larson
P: 608-266-7505
F: 608-266-7483

Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy With Protests, Updates to Come

but just wanted to say that I just became a huge fan of Representative Gordon Hintz!

Well, I hope that you were able to see the video while I had it up as WisconsinEye, a PUBLIC station that streams video of the capitol going-ons for the purpose of keeping the people informed and keeping the government transparent has taken this down due to copyright issues. Seriously?? It is video taped in the first place to allow the public to see what their elected representatives are doing for them, and then they decide that this can't be shown because of copyright issue? It should be FREE FOR ALL! This is purely ridiculous. And DemocraticUnderground agrees.

Well, you can still see the shorter version that for some reason MSNBC is allowed to keep showing:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Equal Rights, Moving Forward

It was so satisfying seeing congress finally do away with the discriminatory Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, but the full impact of what that might mean for the future of the continuing fight for equal rights for all citizens didn't sink in until I read about Mark Ketterson's story.

Mark Ketterson was legally married to John Fliszar, a highly decorated US Marine, when John died of a heart attack in July 2010. John's dying request was that his ashes be interred at the Naval Academy in Annapolis of which he was a 1971 alum. Once Mark provided documentation as to his relationship with John, not only did the Academy accept Mark's request, they presented the folded flag to him at the ceremony - a tribute the military gives to the accepted next of kin of a veteran.[Go here to read the full story.]

The whole process was so procedural and normal, that it truly gives me hope for the future of equal rights.