Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Watch & Write Potluck - Bush Era Tax Cuts

Congress is still stalled on what to do about the tax cuts that are to expire soon so there is still time to get through to your congress person -- or any congress people you think might need a little nudging!

The wealthy have gained immensely from the irresponsible spending our government has allowed over the last ten years; while the middle class and poor most obviously have not. It is about time that the wealthy give back a little to help get this debt in check and give some relief to those that they are exploiting to get their fortunes!

Personal letters or phone calls are by far the best way to contact your representatives. SO this Sunday at noon, I will be hosting a Watch & Write gathering where we can watch a film about the national debt to get revved and inspired, and then write letters to our congress people to urge them to take action on the tax cuts. I have two films to choose from: Ten Trillion and Counting and I.O.U.S.A. Both discuss the ballooning national debt, where it came from and what it means for this country's future, OUR FUTURE! After watching the film(s) we will write letters to the congress people of our choosing and mail them.

Some of the people that we should think about contacting:

House, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell  -- he might be a lost cause

Bloomberg reports that the following six Democrats are planning to oppose the current tax cut extension proposal that would only extend the tax break for those making under $250,000. These we might be able to sway:

In the House, Democrats Artur Davis of Alabama and Earl Pomeroy of North Dakota said they would vote against the measure because it would result in higher marginal rates for high-income taxpayers starting in January. Representative Michael McIntyre of North Carolina, who favors extending the tax cuts to all taxpayers, said he was still studying the issue.
“If all the bill does is extend one class of tax cuts and not others, I’ll vote ‘no,’” Davis said.
He said other Democrats felt similarly. “It’s clear that they are struggling to find the votes for it,” he said.
Davis and Pomeroy are leaving the House at the end of this session. Davis ran for governor in Alabama and lost in the Democratic primary. Pomeroy lost his bid for re-election.
Democrats Jim McDermott of Washington, Lloyd Doggett of Texas and Michael Thompson of California said they may oppose the measure.
“I think it’s a problem if it’s not paid for,” Thompson said. The legislation is exempt from budget-balancing rules, meaning that it doesn’t require offsetting tax increases or spending cuts to pass.

Bring light lunch fare or snacks that we can eat while we watch.
If you are interested you can email me serenaweber[a] or leave a comment below (just click on the word "comments" to access the comment tool).

Hope to see you there!

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