Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sheila Says Recall Is An Outside Job

Hudson Star Observer got to talk to Sheila Harsdorf. There were many things I found interesting about this interview.

First she says that people were protesting at her house, but " the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department handled the situation." So we're not constituents with questions and problems with the things that she is doing, we're a "situation"?

Second she claims that all of this recall and protesting is from "outside influences". No one from the "outside" has influenced me to take a stand against this travesty to our democracy. And I have met hundreds of other hard-working Wisconsinites who also are out their fighting this because they themselves believe it is time to finally fight back. Perhaps Shelia meant that the outside influences that are enticing Walker are the cause of all this.

Third, she has time for a bunch of people in a hotel that she's staying in, but won't even speak to her own constituents? I don't believe that she would have gone out her way to speak to these people, so why should I believe that this story is even true? She is creating the fiction to drive her own agenda.

Recall Sheila! We Are Winning!

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